Laboratory of Cell Biology

Konstantin N. Yarygin D.Sc., professor, corresponding member RAS


(499) 246-84-65

Aleksei U. Lupatov Ph.D.

Veronika V. Burunova Ph.D.

Irina V. Kholodenko Ph.D.

Alisa M. Gisina Ph.D.

Yan S. Kim

Nadegda K. Yarygina


The scope of the laboratory includes fundamental research aimed at the development of innovative cell-based technologies for regenerative medicine and oncology and the advancement of cell models for postgenomics research.

  • Research embraces the immunomodulation activity of stem and progenitor cells including molecular mechanisms of their interaction with immune cells, as well as involvement in immune and inflammatory responses.
  • Ischemic stroke, lymphedema, osteoarthrosis and other disease models are used to evaluate the efficacy and safety of cell therapy and to study its cellular and molecular mechanisms of action.
  • Concepts and efficient methods of cell immunotherapy of oncological, autoimmune and chronic viral diseases are being developed. This involves targeted modification of cell populations, including genome editing.
  • Cell heterogeneity of solid tumors, including colorectal cancer in the first place, is assessed. Special attention is paid to the disclosure of the molecular features of the population of cancer stem cells and to the tumor stromal cells immunology.
  • Scaling-up methods for primary cell cultures, including hepatocyte cultures are being developed.


  • Members of the team are experts in a variety of cell culture techniques, including maintaining the 2D and 3D cultures of mesenchymal stem cells, neural stem/progenitor cells, induced pluripotent cells, keratinocytes, tumor cells, etc. Research is based on methods employing the intramural equipment: flow cytometric cell sorting (FACSAria III), flow cytometry with visualization (ImageStreamX Mark II), fluorescent microscopy using the innovative Leica THUNDER Imager with Computational Clearing system, “classical” confocal microscopy (Zeiss 200), cell culture dynamic observation and recording with IncuCyte Zoom, laser capture microdissection of histological slices (Arcturus XT), real-time PCR (Mx3005P Stratagene).