Laboratory of Microsomal Oxidation


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  • Choosing a suitable tissue for searching the low-abundance proteins including the so-called "missing proteins" encoded by human chromosome 18;

  • Development the protein extraction techniques for extraction of proteins from human testis, chorionic villus sampling, immortalized human keratinocyte cell line HaCaT and stem cells;

  • Improving the efficiency of processing of proteomic mass spectrometric data by a combination of shotgun proteomic approach and various search algorithms as one of the important stages in the search for previously undetected ("missing") proteins in the framework of the international HUPO Human Proteome Project;

  • The design of the experiments for identifying and distinguishing between highly homologous CYP forms in a complex protein mixture was developed. The approach includes cutting the fixed SDS-PAGE gel region into 20 or 40 slices and MS analysis of each slice. It was shown that the decrease of slice thickness leads to a considerable enhancement of peptide peak’s intensity and, also the appearance of the proteotypic peaks, which trigger the identification of more proteins and enhance the sequence coverage.