Biobanking Group

Evgenij N. Nikolaev D.Sc., corresponding member RAS

Andrey V. Lisitsa D.Sc., Prof., academician RAS


  • Organization of a biorepository for the purpose of obtaining and analyzing data on the molecular composition of biological samples, their digitization and storage.
    Research in the field of molecular bases of development of diseases, creation of a molecular and genetic regression model as the basis for personalized prediction of cancer and mental diseases. Evaluation of the stability of structural motifs in globular proteins with posttranslational modifications associated with the development of oncological diseases. Development of comparative immunoassay methods for detecting allergens of hidden food intolerance. Development of targets for the potential creation of test systems for the purpose of diagnostics of oncological diseases.
  • Grant RHSF. "Connective mapping of postgenomic data: Oncology and schizophrenia as models for detecting biomarker processes", no. 19-14-002


  • Kopylov A. T., Ilgisonis E. V., Kaysheva A. L., Moshkovsky S. A., Filimonov A.D., Romashova Yu. a., Zgoda V. G., Lisitsa A.V., Archakov A. I. Creating the foundations of ultra-sensitive detection of bacterial DNA/RNA using electrochemical (bio)sensors. Patent RU2013134985A Method for obtaining an analytical test system for multiplex identification and quantitative measurement of the content of proteins of interest in a biological sample based on the content of their corresponding proteotypic marker peptides.
  • Butkova T. V. Method of treatment of erectile disorders and disorders of sexual desire. The patent for the invention №2483742. Application no. 2012130312 dated June 10, 2013.
  • Ivanov Yu.D., Pleshakova T.O., Malsagova K.A., Kozlov A.F., Archakov A.I., Popov V.P. Method for breast cancer and ovarian cancer diagnosis. Patent RU2696114C2 dated 07/31/2019.