Laboratory of Proteoform Interactomics

Ekaterina V. Poverennaya Ph.D.



Olga I. Kiseleva Ph.D.

Aleksei L. Chernobrovkin Ph.D.

Victoria A. Arzumanian

Georgy V. Dolgaev

Early in 2020, the group of proteoform interactomics which goes to make up the Lab of postgenomic data analysis was spun off into a separate entity. The main focus of the Lab is the functional description of proteoforms based on multiomics data.


  • Experimental evaluation of the proteome and metabolome heterogeneity for different organs and tissues under different conditions of the organism/
  • Construction of interatomic maps based on the results of genomic and post-genomic experiments.
  • Obtaining protein complexes of proteoforms using genome editing with CRISPR-Cas systems.
  • Mass spectrometry analysis of protein-protein and protein-metabolite complexes.
  • Development of methods for low-copy proteins detection (including "missing" proteins) in biosamples.


As part of cooperation with Tyumen State University (UTMN), the laboratory staff gives lectures and conducts seminars on molecular and systems biology, proteomics and peptidomics for master's students learning at the Mathematical Biology and Bioinformatics program. Students from UTMN, MSU and MIPT perform their practical and diploma works in the Lab.