Laboratory of Medical Biotechnology



Nicolai N. Sokolov D.Sc., professor

Abdulla Hilial

Elena V. Mihalchenko


Obtaining genetically engineered mutant homologs of L- asparaginase RrA from Rh. Rubrum and thermophilic L- asparaginases, characterization of their catalytic, physicochemical and structural properties, optimization of growing conditions of producer strains. Optimization of obtaining, isolation and purification of the most promising mutant variants of L- asparaginases.

Investigation of the antitumor properties of genetically engineered thermophilic L- asparaginases and mutant homologs of L- asparaginase RrA on various cell lines in vitro and in vivo experiments.

Development of modified PEG and (or) chitosan preparations of recombinant L- asparaginase RrA from Rh . Rubrum with improved biopharmaceutical properties and less immunogenicity for use in oncotherapy. Investigation of the effect of RrA conjugates with PEG- chitosan on the catalytic and physicochemical properties of the enzyme and its mutant forms.

The role of EndoG endonuclease in the regulation of alternative splicing.

The effect of low molecular weight compounds on the activity of telomerase in tumor cells.

Splice switching oligonucleotides for the regulation of apoptotic processes.


  • New L- asparaginase extremophilic microorganisms (grant RFBR 19 -08- 01112A)


  • Search for a molecular target and assessment of the pharmacological potential of biosynthetic precursors and metabolites of brassinosteroids in prostate carcinoma cells as promising new antitumor drugs (Grant RFBR, no. 15-04-99711)
  • "Polypeptide cassette" to balance the rations of key amino acids in poultry (Grant RSF no. 16-16- 04086 2016 - 2018)
  • “A study of the relationship between the structure and functions of L- asparaginase from Rhodospirillum rubrum by site-directed mutagenesis” (RFBR project No. 15-34-70020 mol_a_mos 2016-2017)
  • Regulation of the catalytic properties of the recombinant Erwinia carotovora l- asparaginase using PEG- chitosan co-polymers (RFBR grant, no. 14-04-00325).
  • Development of an experimental-production technology for obtaining a substance, creating samples of a dosage form, preclinical testing of a substance, structural and functional study and obtaining modified forms with improved pharmacological properties of the recombinant Erwinia carotovora L- asparaginase (ISTC grant no. 2828).
  • Creation of a producer strain of recombinant L- asparaginase Erwinia carotovora and development of a large-scale method for purification of an enzyme with high antitumor activity (ISTC Grant no. 1263).
  • The molecular basis for the drug resistance of human leukemia cells to bacterial L- asparaginase (RFBR grant, no. 06-04-49792).
  • New bacterial L- asparaginases: the study of the structural and functional diversity of enzymes and the production of analogues with improved pharmacological properties ”(Grant RFBR, No. 04-04- 49085a .).
  • Epitope mapping of L- asparaginase and obtaining recombinant hypoallergenic forms of the enzyme. (Grant of the RFBR, no. 02-04- 49002a ).
  • Search and analysis of mimotopes and insulin peptidomimetics. (RFBR grant, no. 99-04-48544).
  • Development of approaches to loco-regional therapy of human malignant tumors by activating antitumor drugs with genetic constructs expressing cytochromes of the P450 family (Grant of the Ministry of Science in the framework of Project 05 “ Genodiagnosis and gene therapy of socially significant human diseases”.).
  • The creation of biocatalytic and analytical devices based on semi-artificial and recombinant cytochromes for monitoring drugs and studying the synthesis of steroids. (Grant INCO-Copernicus no. ERB3512PL965070 (Contract no. ERBIC15CT960810)).
  • Creating a producer strain of recombinant L- asparaginase Erwinia carotovora. (Grant of the Ministry of Science in the framework of the Program "The latest methods of bioengineering").
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